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    Previous Projects

    BlueShark Conservation provides support to national and international NGO's during their ocean and shark conservation campaigns and initiates own grassroots projects since 2003. An Overview.
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    Overview of published BlueShark Conservation articles and published articles mentioning BlueShark Conservation or its founders.
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    As avid divers, the founders of BlueShark Conservation use their compelling pictures of the underwater world to raise awareness, and they donate photographic materials when appropriate to advance ocean or shark conservation campaigns.
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BlueShark Conservation is a Belgian not-for-profit (facto) organization focusing on ocean and shark conservation, using well directed projects and photography to raise awareness and promote change. BlueShark Conservation initiates grassroots projects and aims to be of assistance and to cooperate with national and international NGO’s during their ocean or shark conservation campaigns. BlueShark Conservation also raises awareness by donating photographic materials, publishing articles and hosting shark conservation talks and lessons. 

The name BlueShark Conservation was chosen in honor of the mysterious and beautiful blue shark species, which is arguably the species most affected by the shark fin trade. The blue shark used to be the most abundant large shark species in our oceans and while they are currently not the most endangered, their numbers have declined dramatically. The blue shark is the most harvested shark species within the European Union. No less than 80% of all sharks landed in the EU are blue sharks. They are also a major bycatch species for long lining and driftnet fisheries and as their meat is not very tasteful, they often become the victim of “shark finning”.